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Coronavirus Update

Following the recent school closures announced by the UK government we are hoping to be able to deliver an online Science curriculum, for FREE if possible using voluntary donations. Please subscribe to this page for ongoing updates and information.

Further assistance and volunteers may make offering additional core subjects possible.

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GCSE Physics - Density and Change of State (AQA P3 Lesson 2)
This is an online tutorial
FREE - GCSE Physics - Particle Model AQA Chapter 3 Intro and Density
This is an online tutorial
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My Home Tutor

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Fast and efficient, has been established to enable access to the very best in teaching to anyone in the world. We want our customers to be satisfied with our lessons and the feedback we give to questions, which is why we provide feedback sessions after every session.

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Student Writing

Teaching support with professional lesson designs and PowerPoints

Detailed Lesson Plans complete with PowerPoints

With over 17 years experience in the classroom, coupled with running departments in both State sector and Independent schools our author creates lessons that are proven to be Outstanding. As an exam marker for a UK examination board he also understands the specific learning objectives needed to gain the most marks in the assessments.

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Online GCSE and A-Level Physics Teaching Tutorials

Quality teaching at an affordable price, delivered directly to your home.

We offer live teaching sessions with a Q&A facility, at minimal cost enabling the very highest education to be available to everyone. Lessons are currently FREE due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please make a donation to enable this to be possible.

We pride ourselves on being professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied with our teaching service.

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Personal GCSE and A-Level Physics Tutoring

One-to-one support

The highest level of support can be given with one-to-one sessions, dedicated to the student. We work closely with you to design and deliver a bespoke educational program, ranging from topic revision to the complete delivery of a program of study.

We offer both online tutorials to anyone in the world or face-to-face tutoring visiting you at home in the UK in Buckinghamshire (Subject to availability)

Please contact us to discuss times and locations available or Click Here to BOOK online

"Excellent, clear and comprehensive resources" - Mariana Hurley

"Meticulously planned, this will be a huge support to me in my first year teaching A-Level" - Sarah Dowd

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